It Takes a Thug to Know One (or Two)

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov came to the defense of the Middle East’s most thuggish regimes – Iran and Syria—calling on the U.S. to stop instigating unrest in the two countries and preparing for war with Iran

During his annual news conference (foreign ministers of one-party states don’t bother with the press – especially a free press—more often), Lavrov said that outside encouragement of anti-government uprisings could lead to a “very big war that will cause suffering not only to countries in the region.”

Lavrov also attacked the new U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, for provoking a revolution in that country by among other things meeting with opposition members.      

Lavrov should know a thing or two about how inherently unstable and therefore easily threatened regimes like Iran and Syria are—what with Russia’s steady descent from a fledgling democracy to a virtual Putinarchy recently provoking the largest street protests in Moscow since the Boris Yeltsin-inspired marches of the early 1990s.    

Can Russia be saved from the likes of Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov and the handful of oligarchs who dominate the country’s economy?  Is Mikhail Prokhorov the billionaire owner of the New Jersey Nets for real or is he just another of the multitude of Potemkin candidates for Russian president that have run in the last decade?  Stay tuned.

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